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Mikey's Place

Welcome to Mikey's Place.  I've created this space on the Web to tell people about myself and to talk about some of the things I love and feel strongly about.

I live in south Florida, near Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.  I love living here because of the ready access I have to the ocean.  I like visiting the mountains, but the ocean is where my heart is.  Most weekends, when the weather cooperates, which is pretty much all the time in Florida, you can find me on or under the ocean (and sometimes in submerged caves) teaching SCUBA diving.  When I'm not SCUBA diving, I'm usually out flying an airplane or jumping out of one.  At night you can often find me deep in the Florida Everglades swatting mosquitoes and observing the universe through my telescope.  On rainy weekends, I stay indoors developing film and fiddling around with my large-format 4x5 camera.

If you like (or hate) your visit here, or if you have suggestions for improvements, let me know by email..


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